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Rhubarb Jalapeño Jam

Rhubarb Jam

Serving Suggestions:


- Great spread on any bread

- Serve with cheese, cold cuts and crackers
- Great fit with lamb and pork


Try this recipe:


Pork chop with rhubarb jalapeño crust

you'll need:

- 1 pork chop
- salt, pepper
- oil
- 1 slice fresh toast, crust cut off
- 2 tbsp Rhubarb jalapeño jam
- butter

how to proceed:

- Season the meat with salt and pepper, then pan fry in little oil until medium cooked
- remove from pan and set aside in oven safe dish
- using a food processor, blend the toast and jam until medium fine in consistency
- spread on top of the meat, press on slightly; drizzle with liquid butter
- Bake in the middle rack of the oven at 220º C for about 10 min
- Serve with some au jus on the side
- Enjoy!!




(Recipe by Chef Thomas Nay)