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Rhubarb Strawberry Jam


Serving Suggestions:


- Great spread on any bread

- Serve warm with ice cream or pan cakes
- Great fit inside a sponge cake or mixed in a berry pie


Try this recipe:


Crepes filled with rhubarb strawberry jam, topped with chocolate sauce

you'll need:

- 3 eggs
- 250ml milk
- 25g sugar
- 75g white flour
- 25g liquified butter
- zest of ½ lemon
- rhubarb strawberry jam to fill
- 125ml whipping cream
- 70g dark chocolate
-1tbsp sugar
- a splash of Amaretto or Kalhua optional

how to proceed:

- Mix first 3 ingredients in a bowl
- Add the next 3 ingredients and mix well; refrigerate for a couple of hours
- Using a good, nonstick frying pan on low heat, pour a thin layer of the mix in, just covering the bottom
- When the crepe starts to solid up, flip using a plastic spatula.
- After the other side is cooked to a light color as well, remove and set aside
- You might need to adjust the temperature a bit so that the right combination of cooking through and giving just a light color is achieved
- Spread the jam on to each crepe, then loosely roll it up
- Heat up cream, chocolate and sugar while occasionally stirring until chocolate is dissolved completely
- Add the optional liquor only when serving adults...

- Drizzle over the crepes and serve with a dollop of whipped cream

- Enjoy!!




(Recipe by Chef Thomas Nay)