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Swiss Dressing


Swiss Dressing

Serving Suggestions:


- goes well with any leaf or vegetable salad
- use as base for dips
- great dressing for pasta salad


Try this recipe:


Potato salad
you'll need:
- 1 ib Russet potato
- 1 cup Swiss dressing
- 3 tbls Dijon mustard (grainy)
- 2 dill pickles
- ¼ cup pickled perl onions
- ¼ cup green onions

how to proceed:

- Boil unpeeled potatoes until soft (to check softness, stab potato with a pairing knife; it's done when the potato slides of by itself)
- Mix the mustard with the dressing
- Finely dice pickles, perl onions and green onions
- When the potatoes are done, remove from water and peel while still hot
- Slice potatoes in ½cm slices and, while still warm, mix in all other ingredient
- Let it cool down , occasionally stirring it through. The starch of the potatoes should thicken it up nicely
- Although you can refrigerate it, it tastes best fresh cooked and served at room temperature.

- Enjoy!!




(Recipe by Chef Thomas Nay)