All About Our Menus

We have something for everyone!

We are putting a lot of thought in our menu items so that everyone in your party will find something they like. In fact, often we hear that it is hard to make a decision because there are so many inviting dishes to try! Please have a look at what we offer below. For your convenience we also included a PDF file of all our menus for download in the Menu tabs.

We cook from scratch with fresh ingredients

We take pride in the fact that we cook everything from scratch! (One exception: our raviolis are done by Let's Pasta in Lethbridge) That includes all sauces, dressings and desserts. We use fresh and, when possible, locally grown ingredients. That means we know what's in the dishes we serve and therefore can assist you better with your dietary needs.

Many gluten-free options!

We are happy to provide many appetizers and most main courses gluten-free*! (Dauphine potatoes on certain main courses are not gluten free and can be substituted with baby potatoes or rice.) Should you wish for a pasta dish on your next visit, please call us ahead so we can have gluten-free pasta ready for you!

Menu for larger groups

For groups of 15 and up we recommend using our group menu with choices rather than our a la carte menu. With a pre-count of what everyone will have we are able to manage it easier and in return can save you money! Please see the Group menu for download under the menu tab.

Take out / Delivery

Most of our menu items are available for takeout or delivery. Place your order Online
Need it delivered? You can select delivery before ordering to use Doordash On Demand, or after placing your takeout order call Deliver-All Express Courier at 250-489-2280 to have it picked up at the arranged time.


Before you order:

Please advise us of any food allergy before ordering. We strive to cater to your allergy needs, however since we do use a variety of allergy related foods such as gluten, shellfish and nuts in our kitchen, cross-contamination may occur. Please dine at your own risk.


Did You Know:

We prepared many different food products for your kitchen or as great gifts for your friends, such as dressings, spices and marinades, jams & marmalades or our famous Dauphine potatoes! - Check out our Shop section for a full list of items available -


Your opinion matters to us!

Should you not be completely satisfied with your dining experience or if you think we can improve on anything - please let us know! If you are happy - please let the world know... we would appreciate it! Please share your experience on or




The chef’s soup creation
Ask your server for details - $  8.00

Soup and salad
Combine a cup of soup with a house salad with your choice of dressing -   $  14.00 

House salad  
Mixed leaf lettuce with your choice of dressing:
Italian, Swiss or blue cheese - $  8.00


Classic Caesar's salad   - $ 9.50
add chicken - $6.00


Mediterranean vegetable salad
Stewed Mediterranean vegetables mixed with greens,
tossed with olives and feta cheese in a basil vinaigrette - $ 12.00


Falafel with Tzatziki sauce (V)
A Mediterranean classic, made with chickpeas, herbs and spices - $ 12.00


Hardwood smoked duck breast
Smoked in our own smokehouse, thinly sliced,
served with blueberry fig relish - $ 16.00


Risotto and crab cakes         
On a creamy sun dried tomato and truffle sauce - $ 15.00


Potato gnocchi with smoked lamb strips
Caramelized walnut sauce and feta cheese - $ 16.00


Chilli-ginger shrimps                
Drizzled with lime juice and served with sour cream - $ 13.50

Flamed Saganaki with olive tapenade   (V)   
Classic Greek pan-fried cheese, flamed with Brandy
and served with olive tapenade and lemon and crackers on the side - $ 16.00  




Home made garlic scape pappardelle (V)
with Mediterranean vegetable stew and topped with Parmesan petals and basil oil - $ 23.00

add sliced chicken breast - $ 6.00


Clam & shrimp fettuccine
Seared shrimps and clam meat in a lemon, garlic & herb butter sauce
tossed in fettuccine - $ 23.00


Chicken penne “Napoli”
Sliced chicken breast, Italian sausage
and grilled vegetables in a basil pesto cream sauce -  $ 22.50

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti topped with a rich meat and vegetable sauce - $ 20.00

add Italian sausage - $ 3.00


Roasted butternut squash ravioli
in a rich double-smoked bacon & thyme sauce
and baked with Mozzarella cheese - $ 24.00


Lobster, shrimp & lemon ravioli
On a creamy lemongrass Tequila sauce
and drizzled with balsamic reduction
topped with fried sweet potato spagetti - $ 24.00


Main Courses


Salmon filet
Pan fried salmon filet on a chipotle and maple syrup sauce
served with rice and garden vegetables - $ 32.00


Pan-fried Ahi tuna steak
Ginger, garlic, sesame & lemongrass marinated,
drizzled with lemon honey Greek yogurt, served with rice and vegetables - $ 33.00


Chicken piccata
Pan fried cutlets in an egg & Parmesan cheese batter
topped with a smoky tomato sauce
served with spaghetti and vegetables - $ 29.00


Roasted duck breast on a dried fig tomato sauce
served with noodles and vegetables   -    $ 38.00


Roasted pork tenderloin
stuffed with dried apricot & prune stew and topped with hazelnuts,
served on red wine sauce with baby potatoes and vegetables - $ 30.00


Moroccan spice dusted lamb rack      
On red onion and mint relish
served with Dauphine potatoes and vegetables -  $ 43.00


Beef tenderloin  
6oz. Alberta Beef tenderloin baked with olive tapenade and Brie cheese
served  on red wine sauce with Dauphine potatoes and vegetables - $ 41.00


Beef striploin steak
10oz Beef N.Y. steak topped with a roasted garlic & rosemary butter
served with baby potatoes and vegetables - $ 41.00



Dessert Menu



Classic Affogato - $ 9.50
Home made vanilla gelato
topped with a fresh brewed espresso and whipped cream

Limoncello cheese cake - $ 12.00
drizzled with strawberry sauce

Baked French Meringue - $ 11.00
served with mixed hot berries and vanilla ice cream


Swiss chocolate mousse duet - $ 12.50
on locally grown Saskatoon berry coulis


Home made Gelato - $ 6.00 / 9.50
one or two scoops, ask your server for current flavor


Home made Sorbet - $ 6.00 / 9.50
one or two scoops, ask your server for current flavor